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The grapefruit in PILARTEP's sweetest grapefruit garden won the "Top prize"!

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  The "PILARTEP Most Beautiful Citrus" project is a key project of Mintel to serve the citrus industry. The purpose is to promote citrus growers through excellent products such as PILARTEP®, PILARCLOTRIN®, JianXiu®, DeLang®, JianLi®, etc. Harvesting more and better quality citrus, driving the national citrus industry towards higher quality and higher levels of development, is the implementation of the corporate purpose of "care for crops and healthy life". The project has begun in 2016 and has been promoted in major citrus producing areas across the country for three consecutive years.

        The "PILARTEP Most Beautiful Citrus" project is a key project of Pilarquim to serve the citrus industry. The purpose is to promote citrus growers through excellent products such as PILARTEP®, PILARCLOTRIN®, JianXiu®, DeLang®, JianLi®, etc. Harvesting more and better quality citrus, driving the national citrus industry towards higher quality and higher levels of development, is the implementation of the corporate purpose of "care for crops and healthy life". The project has begun in 2016 and has been promoted in major citrus producing areas across the country for three consecutive years.

        In 2018, the “PILARTEP's Most Beautiful Citrus” project has made new breakthroughs. In Ganzhou, Jiangxi, Nanfeng, Guilin, Guangxi, Nanning, Meishan, Sichuan, Luzhou, Changde, Hunan, Huangping, and Renhua, Guangdong, etc. The widespread impact has pushed the local citrus industry towards the goal of higher quality and more revenue.
        There are many moving stories behind "PILARTEP's Most Beautiful Citrus". In Ganzhou, there is the story of "Navel Orange Champion" Cai Lianhua. The story of An Yuan navel orange planting expert Mr. Du.
        Today, I will tell you the story of Nankang Sweet Pomelo, "PILARTEP's most beautiful citrus"! In the Nankang Sweet Pomelo Quality Contest held on November 27th, the grapefruit from PILARTEP's most beautiful sweet grapefruit garden won the "First Prize"! (The winner is Wu Baohua, Longkang Town, Nankang) It is reported that the event was organized by the local government, and the judges were the Navel Orange Engineering College of Gannan Normal University, Ganzhou Fruit Industry Bureau, Ganzhou Citrus Research Institute, Nankang District Fruit Industry Bureau, etc. The unit is composed of leaders and experts. In order to ensure the fairness and fairness of this activity, the activity is notarized by the notaries of the district notary office. The instrumental determination of the activity was completed by the National Navel Orange Engineering Research Center of Gannan Normal University.



     Planting expert Wu Baohua received the "First Prize" medal from the secretary of the Nankang District Party Committee, very happy!
         Boss Wu is a loyal fan of PILARTEP®, and has been using it since 2017. He said, "The grapefruits that have used PILARTEP® are really different. The leaves are very green and green, the peel is particularly tender, and there is no disease spot pollution. PILARTEP® is so good!"


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