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The only methamidophos supplier based on Taiwan production line

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Methamidophosisthemosteffectiveorganophosphorusinsecticide,ithasexcellentcontrolefficacyagainstavarietyofpestssuchasaphids,thrips,planthoppers,bollworm,stemborer,armyworm,grubsandmolecricket. Although

Methamidophos is the most effective organophosphorus insecticide, it has excellent control efficacy against a variety of pests such as aphids, thrips, planthoppers, bollworm, stem borer, armyworm, grubs and mole cricket. 

Although methamidophos has been restricted in many countries, methamidophos has indispensable effects on pests that cannot be effectively controlled by some new insecticides. 

Pilarquim is the only supplier of methamidophos in the world based on the production line in Taiwan, which means 3000 tons stable supply and quality assurance. Pilarquim committed to providing methamidophos technical and 60% formulation to global users!

Emily Chi
Marketing Manager
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