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JIanbao ®

Rooting, rooting and root care: Jiantuo is a bio-stimulating enzyme obtained from pure soybean milk, sugar, and milk by innovative bacteria from Chung Hsing University in Taiwan. It contains highly active metabolites of microorganisms: chitin-degrading enzymes, protein-degrading enzymes, and antibiotics. , IAA (indole acetic acid) precursors, etc .; Jianzhi promotes root cell division, makes capillary roots increase rapidly, reduces the appearance of loquat roots, dead roots and rotten roots, and improves the ability of crops to absorb and use water and fertilizers;
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Products advantages:

●Rooting, rooting and root care: Jiantuo is a bio-stimulating enzyme obtained from pure soybean milk, sugar, and milk by innovative bacteria from Chung Hsing University in Taiwan. It contains highly active metabolites of microorganisms: chitin-degrading enzymes, protein-degrading enzymes, and antibiotics. , IAA (indole acetic acid) precursors, etc .; Jianzhi promotes root cell division, makes capillary roots increase rapidly, reduces the appearance of loquat roots, dead roots and rotten roots, and improves the ability of crops to absorb and use water and fertilizers;

●Improving crop autoimmunity: Jiansong regulates the soil biological environment, inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, and prevents nematodes, effectively reducing the occurrence of various soil-borne diseases;

●Improve the soil and improve the quality of the crops: Jianzhan can adjust the soil microbial environment, promote the rapid propagation of beneficial microorganisms, effectively regulate the soil ecological structure and aggregate structure, thereby improving the soil and growing the crop more robustly. It can also increase the sugar content of the crop and make the harvest time 5-10 days earlier.

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Amino acid ≧100g / L Magnesium ion ≧30g / L Cu + Fe + Mn + Zn + B ≧20g / L

1000×10 4L×4

Application method:

PJianzhi is used for crops such as vegetables: 0.5-1 kg / 666.76 m2 at seedling stage, or 1-1.5 kg / 666.76 m2 at vigorous growth stage, or 1-2 kg / 666.76 m2 drip or flood irrigation at fruit expansion stage, or diluted 300-500 times Leach root application; can be harvested in advance, and increase yield by more than 10%;

PJianzhi used for potato furrow application: 1000g per acre; or Drip irrigation Jianzhi: three times at 500g each time, totaling 1.5 kg per 666.76 m2 (divided into seedling stage, early flowering stage, late flowering stage); potato grows more robustly , The potatoes produced are more uniform, the commodity rate is increased; the average yield is increased by more than 10%;

PJianzhi is used for fruit trees such as grapes, pear trees, winter jujubes, cherries, blueberries, etc .: 1,000 g drip irrigation per acre, three times a season (use period is Xiehua period, fruit swelling period, color change period), can increase sugar content and taste, anticipate 5 ~ 10 days to harvest;

PJianzhi is used for fruit trees: 1-2 kg / 666.76 m2 drip irrigation or leaching roots, or 10-15 kg liquid fertilizer irrigation roots, can promote root health, improve fruit tree vitality, increase fruit rate and prolong fruit tree life.


○Jianjian is used alternately with chemical fertilizers, or mixed with healthy crickets after halving the chemical fertilizer

○It is best to use Jianzhi three times in a critical period of crop growth in one season.

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