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To become one of the best agrochemical entrepises in the world

  The PILAR R&D Center has rich experience, unique technology and continuous innovation capabilities in pesticide formulation formulation, formulation research, additives and application research, analysis and testing of agricultural chemical products, and agricultural science and technology services.

Microcapsule suspension (CS)
Microcapsule suspension is a kind of microcapsule with semi permeable membrane formed by wrapping pesticide active substance (core) with polymer material as the wall or membrane through chemical, physical or physicochemical methods, and they are stably dispersed and suspended in water as a continuous phase in a certain concentration, which is called microcapsule suspension.
Suspension concentrate (SC)
In recent years, with the deepening understanding of the hazards of emulsifiable pesticides, water-based formulations have been highly valued. According to the statistics of the world pesticide industry association, the proportion of EC in the world's pesticide preparations is very large, and the organic solvent in the environment is more than 1 million tons per year. In one hand, these non-pesticide active substances increase the cost of pesticide preparation, which consumes about billions of dollars every year in the world; on the other hand, a large number of organic solvents cause great damage to the environment. China is the second largest pesticide producer in the world, producing 900000~1 million tons of pesticide preparations every year. China's water-based formulations account for a small proportion of the total preparations. Compared with other major producers of pesticides, the structure of pesticide formulations in China is facing severe challenges, and the demand for new water-based formulations is also more urgent. In this context, water-based preparations, such as suspensions, microemulsions, water emulsions, and water-based agents, are widely concerned, and their development technology has become a hot spot. Related basic theoretical research, such as surfactant technology, nanoparticle technology, laser particle size and streaming potential detection technology, grinding technology and fluid mechanics, have also gradually extended to the field of pesticide, providing a necessary means and theoretical basis for further research on Suspension Concentration.
Dry flowable(DF)
Dry Flowable (referred to as DF) is a solid particulate product obtained directly from pesticide by wet grinding and then spray dried and granulated to remove moisture. China's pesticide registration department uses the name of WG (water dispersible granule) instead of DF to register WG and DF. According to the different production processes, WG is divided into dry process and wet process. DF is water dispersible granule produced by wet process. Due to the process, some DW is registered as water dispersing granule, while some DW is registered as dry suspending agent, which puzzles the users. In fact, there are obvious differences between dry WG and wet WG (i.e. DF) in appearance, and their water entry performance is also different, so it is not difficult to distinguish them.
Microcapsule Suspension- Suspension Concentration
Microcapsule suspension is a kind of compound preparation, which is to compound microcapsule suspension and suspension, so that the product can meet the requirements of quick effect and extend the period of validity. It is a new formulation with both quick effect and effectiveness, and can expand the prevention and control objects, with a broad market prospect.
Dispersible Oil suspension (OD)
An insoluble pesticide solid active component in non-aqueous medium (mainly including oil-based medium or solvent medium), which is processed into fine particles and suspended in non-aqueous medium by the action of surfactants and additives to form highly dispersed and stable suspension liquid preparation, called oil suspension agent (of), oil suspension agent used for water dilution is called dispersible oil suspension agent, code is OD Oil suspension agent can increase the adhesion of pesticide on plant leaves and reduce the surface tension, so as to make the efficacy play better.
Seed Treatment
Seed Treatment agents play an obvious role and advantage in reducing and enhancing pesticide efficiency and preventing diseases and pests in crop seedlings and even the whole life cycle. Seed Treatment agents play an increasingly important role in agricultural production. Pilarquim has already launched two kinds of Seed Treatment agents, Miao De Yi and seed guard, which are loved and sought after by many growers. In 2020, Pilarquim will introduce three new Seed Treatment agents, Miao Wanjin, Miao Jianqiang and Miao Mei Qi. In addition to continuing to walk along the line of disease and insect pests, microcapsule technology will also be applied to Seed Treatment agent, so that Seed Treatment agent can play a longer and better efficacy.