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Technical service
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  Pilarsice (Shanghai)  Co., Ltd. was officially established in February 2017. The company has two certified laboratories: GLP laboratory, 17025 laboratory and a quality control laboratory. The company is mainly engaged in the third-party testing business of chemicals, from GLP research to conventional quality analysis, and provides the development, support and consulting business of related technologies.

  GLP laboratory was established in 2009, and obtained the double quality system certification of European Belgium and China's Ministry of agriculture. Over the years, the system has been continuously improved to meet the increasingly updated GLP standards. The GLP report issued by the laboratory has been recognized by the registration agencies of many countries at home and abroad.
In 2017, in order to enhance the support for customers, the company upgraded the laboratory hardware facilities at once. Not only equipped with TOF, LC-MS, GC-MS, UPLC, HPLC, GC, IC, IR, UV full set of qualitative and quantitative analysis equipment, but also added the brand's thermogravimetric analyzer, boiling point integration apparatus, explosive device, photolysis device and other physical and chemical test equipment.
  At the same time, the company is conducting toxicology project planning. The GLP tests required for registration, physical and chemical projects, full component analysis, toxicological testing, and licensing tests are available at any time.
  17025 the laboratory was approved by CNAS for the first time in August 2008. Up to now, 3 times passed the review. The detection coverage covers all the quality control indicators of pesticide products, and many years of testing practice has accumulated rich experience and ensured the high quality service.
  Permission testing also has the comprehensive ability to hold large conferences. In June 2013, invited foreign GLP experts and domestic GLP laboratory colleagues, successfully organized the "GLP standard training course". In April 2017, many experts, including Shenyang Chemical Research Institute, Yingtai chemical industry, and the well-known registered personnel of the industry were invited to meet again. A number of exchanges and collisions, authorized members and backup experts team, provide GLP/17025 quality system, product standards, impurity generation, quality control and registration strategy in full range of services. At the same time, the parent company has more than 30 Consultant in South America, relying on product chemistry and overseas consultants, and not only enjoys the convenience of analysis, but also increases the in-depth understanding of drugs and the expert guidance in the process of overseas registration.
  In the near future, you will not only feel more progress and efficiency, but also experience the pleasure of one-stop service.
GLP full set of physical and chemical services
> melting / boiling point
>Solubility of water / organic solvent
>Octanol water partition coefficient
>Stability test
>Dissociation constant
>Explosive pre time
Vapor pressure
> other
5-b analysis test
>Development and validation of analytical methods
>Pre scanning analysis of samples
>Qualitative and quantitative analysis of impurities
>Qualitative and quantitative analysis of batch samples
> other
17025 services
>Product quality determination (GB method)
>Determination of pesticide parameters
> other