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1.Position: Marketing


   Description of Job Responsibility:

◆ Make marketing plans by product, by crop

◆ Implement marketing plans with local dealers

◆ Registrations Renewals, Senasa relationship, forms and documents presentations. Update of the current legislation and it changes,

◆ Field trials: assistance to the consultant to perform the field trials: places, samples importations, results

◆ Commercial trials: work in connection with the local company (Drokasa for example) to test our products with the competition,

◆ Market information: prices, doses, uses, advantages and disadvantages in the performance of our competitors products

◆ Import Licenses

◆ Commercial support to our dealer

◆ Field days and technical meetings

◆ Pilarquim remains the right to adjust the job scope, role and responsabilities of the Provider.

Job Requirements:

◆ Trained in sales skill and management

◆ 3 years above sales management experience

◆ Good communication and coordination skills

◆ Leadership and management skills

◆  Positive and team work spirit

◆ Responsibility


2.Position: Marketing field trials coordinator


   Description of Job Responsibility:

◆ Supervise the performance of field trials: settle targets, define crops, pests, opportunities for the new products,

◆ Coordinate with marketing people from Pilarquim and also from the dealer the activities of each field trial,

◆ Keep record of the field trials, organize PPT presentations for future use in launching product activities,

◆ Check new crops and pest to make future additions of label

◆ Travel and visit field trials in order to check the performance of the new products

◆ Bi-weekly skype-calls within the team for updating data,

◆ Identify new opportunities for the new products

Job Requirements:

◆ Technical background in crops and agriculture

◆ Good communication and coordination skills

◆ Responsibility

◆ Positive and team work spirit


3.Position: Registration Manager and Technical Coordinator


   Description of Job Responsibility:

◆ Responsible for coordination/support to Brazil. Coordination of all the regulatory affairs of agrochemical products as well as the non-agrochemical products which includes veterinarian medicines, paint, PCO, and chemicals in Brazil;

◆ Coordinate and arrange the marketing issues, which include but not limit to market survey, product investigation, and product launching;

◆ Coordinate registration related studies reports, needs, and resources in Brazil. Search and locate Laboratories and institutes to analyse their equipment, service quality as well as cost in conducting tests. Representing Pilarquim to consult, negotiate, and sign contract with outsourcing laboratories and institutes for service;

◆ Coordinate and arrange the field test upon need;

  Coordination with Shanghai office and Taipei office and for any internal communications and procedures to support any regulatory and marketing activity;

Job Requirements:

◆ Bachelor degree or above

◆ 3 years above related working experiences

◆ Good communication and coordination skills

◆ Leadership and management skills

◆ Responsibility;Positive and team work spirit.