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Corporate Culture
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Company Culture

【Code of Conduct】

     In conducting business activities, comply with laws and regulations, abide by professional ethics, and follow good business practices, especially to:

     Treat suppliers and customers fairly, as well as other stakeholders, and pursue the basic principles of mutual benefit;

     Mutual respect and open communication, compatible with a variety of cultures and different personalities;

     Safety, health and environmental responsibility to protect people and the environment;

     If in doubt, seek the advice of the superior leader, relevant experts or the legal department in a timely manner;

Everyone provides positive energy to high performance teams.

【Company Performance Culture】

      Co-employment, “Amoeba” management mechanism; salary and incentive systems related to profitability and profitabilityresults;work together to build a high-performance team, select and train reserve talents.

【Encourage Innovation】 

     Including product innovation, application technology innovation, management innovation, business model innovation, this is the core elements of our organization's eternal youth.

     Innovation is to take the path that others have not taken, and even if it fails, encourage and support are needed. .

     It is very simple to judge right and wrong afterwards (it is not easy beforehand), we must pay attention to the starting point of innovation.

【Advocating Entrepreneurship】 

     The core connotations of entrepreneurship we advocate are: integrity, vision, diligence, and professionalism.

【Promoting Craftsmanship】

     R&D, production, marketing, backup management, etc., must adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship, each position is the ultimate, we are excellent. Another aspect of the craftsmanship spirit is: Diligent and persistent when face with difficulties.

     “Focusing on doing pesticides well, at least it is worthwhile for ourselves and the time we’ve spent”

【Breeding Gratitude Culture】

     The company takes out part of the revenue profit as the “grateful salary” to the parents (or the family members who foster their growth and support their work) of the employees who have reached the first anniversary to the company. The purpose of implementing the “Grateful Salary” activity is to foster a culture of gratitude, which in turn stimulates love and responsibility. This is the core of the team culture. With gratitude, the team's collaboration will be smoother; mutual help and mutual care will form a kind of atmosphere, and it is easier to understand and consider things from the perspective of the other sides.