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Talent cultivation
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Talent cultivation

     The re training of staff is the eternal subject of the company. The establishment of a training and training mechanism suitable for the development stage of the company is conducive to the construction of diversified talents. There are three core talent cultivation and training plans in 2018-2020:

     1. About 30 middle and senior managers will be selected to attend the senior business management training courses of Tsinghua University, Beijing University and Fudan University, with an estimated investment of 4 million RMB;
     2. Cultivate 40 regions with sales volume of more than 5 million RMB, let these regional managers lead the team, and provide the company with comprehensive operation management training, to cultivate enough talents for the second entrepreneurship in the next strategic plan;
     3. In September 2018, the "Future Star" talent development project was launched. The company selected middle and senior managers to participate in the miniEMBA project of Fudan University, aiming to cultivate a group of outstanding leaders with international vision, a sense of mission and the ability to lead PILAR to future success.
     4. At the same time, "Future Star" also selected 6 outstanding regional managers to participate in the business management seminar project of Beijing University, which will provide talent support for the group to achieve the strategic goal of "double 12" and become a first-class agricultural and chemical enterprise in China.
The company pays attention to the training of employees, and regularly selects outstanding key employees to participate in the on-the-job training, as shown in the picture of the employees participating in the HSBC Business School of Peking University and the mini MBA training of Fudan University.  


     In October of each year, the company organizes the sales elites to conduct closed intensive training for 10-15 days every year. The picture shows the sales elites taking photos when they visit the Jiangsu production base during the 2018 training.



  During the day, we went up and down to the countryside to promote; At night, we were busy helping each other and learning.

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