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     PILAR is committed to becoming one of the world's best agrochemical companies with the mission of improving the R&D, production and application of Chinese preparations. The company abides by national laws and regulations, complies with social morality; advocates positive and positive values, and promotes positive energy; pays attention to safe production, environmental protection, and cares for employees' physical and mental health. Each business unit adheres to the company's basic values of “Professionalism Innovation Leadership Assurance Reliability”, “sincerity and promise” and “collective development” with partners.  R&D centers and production bases not only pass ISO 9001 (GB/T19001) quality management system certification, also passed ISO 14001 (GB/T 24001) environmental management system and OHSAS18001 (GB/T28001) occupational health and safety management system certification (the company has started to develop OHSAS18001 for Related work of ISO 45001).

     The company encourages and supports innovation, maintains investment in innovation, continuously improves its management level, enhances its comprehensive strength, and continuously provides differentiated products with internationally excellent quality to meet the requirements of people's increasing safety and quality of agricultural products. To create a high-performance team that is united and progressive, and strives for progress; to achieve sustainable development of the company, to lay a solid foundation for employees to achieve their talents, to achieve personal ideals, to create value, to return the society, to provide a broader platform and richer resources.