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Organization Introduction
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     Pilar (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Pilar") is a group company formed in 2018 by Pilarquim (Beijing) Co., Ltd., & Pilarquim (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and their subsidiaries. Pilarquim was founded in 1961 and has a history of nearly 60 years so far. 

     After the establishment of Pilar, it formed a business cluster consisting of more than 20 companies including Pilarquim (Beijing), Pilarquim (Shanghai), Pilarquim (Jiangsu), Pilarcise (Shanghai), Beijing Mirrosyn, Pilarquim (Yunnan)…

     Pilar inherits and develops Pilarquim's excellent corporate culture and business philosophy. The business covers research, development, production, marketing and agrochemical product analysis of new plant protection agrochemical products (pesticide preparation, micro-fertilizer, amino acid-soluble fertilizer, agricultural surfactant, pesticide additives, etc.). , laboratory, agricultural product testing, etc.; adhering to the "for Quality Harvest..." and the business philosophy of "Professionalism, Innovation, Leadership, Assurance, Reliability", adhere to the amoeba business model, and promote " Focusing on doing pesticides well, at least it is worthwhile for ourselves and the time we’ve spent”.  The  entrepreneurial spirit is people-oriented, creating a high-performance team; "keeping promises" and "collective development" with partners.

     Pilar R&D Center is located in Shanghai and can provide customers with services including formulation development, agrochemical products analysis, testing, and technical guidance. The R&D center has branches in Beijing and Jiangsu.
Pilar production bases are located in Huai'an, Jiangsu and Shanghai Fengxian. In addition to providing differentiated high-quality agrochemical products for distribution customers, they can also provide personalized OEM/ODM services for major customers and domestic and foreign excellent enterprises. 12 marketing teams are responsible for Chinese market. Overseas marketing team is responsible for providing quality products, professional, timely and thoughtful services to customers in more than 100 countries and regions.


【Analysis and Testing】

     PILAR analysis and testing business is handled by Pilarcise (Shanghai) Laboratory Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Pilarcise”) and Beijing Mirrosyn Agro-chemical Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Mirrosyn”).

     Pilarcise consists of three business units, namely two nationally certified laboratories – GLP Labs, 17025 Labs, and a QC Lab. Mainly engaged in GLP research and chemical analysis, providing national (international) accredited chemical third-party testing services and related technology development, technical support and technical consulting services.

     Pilarcise GLP laboratory was established in 2009 and has passed the international (Belgium) and domestic dual quality system certification. Since its inception, the system has continued to improve and meet the requirements of the continuously updated GLP guidelines; both domestic and foreign registration agencies have approved the approval of reports issued by GLP laboratories. The GLP test, physical and chemical projects, component analysis, and toxicology testing services required for product registration are available to provide by Pilarcise at any time.

     In order to further improve the working efficiency and service capability of the GLP laboratory, Pilarcise hardware facilities are allowed to be upgraded. It is equipped with qualitative and quantitative analysis of TOF, LC-MS, GC-MS, UPLC, HPLC, GC, IC, IR and UV. The equipment has also added physical and chemical 

testing equipment such as thermogravimetric analyzer, melting point integrated instrument, explosive device and photolysis device.
     Authentic inspection 17025 laboratory can provide inspection services for various quality control indicators of pesticide products. Years of testing practice has created a high-level inspection team and accumulated rich experience. Since the first CNAS certification in August 2008, it passed the reviews 3 times successfull.

     Pilarcise team of technicians and support experts who are allowed to inspect can provide GLP/17025 quality system, product standards, impurity generation, quality supervision and registration strategy for domestic counterparts; and has more than 30 Consultants in South America. Provide expert guidance services for clients to register overseas. Pilarcise has organized the “GLP Guidelines Training Course” with foreign experts and peers from domestic GLP laboratories. The “Pilarcise Training Course” with foreign experts and peers from domestic GLP laboratories has the experience to organize professional seminars. It can provide the organization services for small and medium-sized professional seminars and training.

     Beijing Mirrosyn: Providing pesticide and pesticide residue analysis and testing services for agrochemical and agricultural production, agricultural product management and consumption; through pre-existing prevention, process monitoring, terminal control, and guide agrochemical enterprises to provide suitable products for agricultural production. Helping agricultural production enterprises (growers) use medicines scientifically and rationally in the agricultural production process to eliminate hidden dangers of agricultural residues, ensure food safety, and effectively prevent agricultural product trading risks. In the future, Beijing Mirrosyn will become a branch of the approved inspection in Beijing.


【R&D Center】

     Pilar R&D Center has extensive experience, unique technology and continuous innovation in pesticide formulation type, formula research, surfactants and their application research, agrochemical product analysis, testing, and agricultural technology services. Agricultural microcapsules (microcapsule suspension, dry powder), suspensions, oil suspensions, dry suspensions and other new formulations have strong research and development strength.  The industrialization level of agricultural microcapsules is in the leading position in the industry. 23% Lambda-cyhalothrin (PILARMD), 30% Prochloraz , 45% S- metolachlor (PILARGOLD), 25% Lambda-Cyhalothrin + Clothianidin (PILARCLOTRIN) microcapsules have been mass-produced. SC quality indicators and application effects are favored by the market.  30% Pyraclostrobin + Tebuconazole (PILARTEP), 24% Cyazofamid + Cymoxanil (PILARZOX), 15% Abamectin + Spirotetramat (PILARAVIA) etc. have become the first choice for distributors and growers.  70% Dimethomorth + Cymoxanil (PILARXANIL), 70% Pyraclostrobin + Metiram and other dry suspensions will improve the quality index of domestic WDG to a new level... In the past few years, Pilarquim has applied for more than 60 patents and registered more than 30 new products. Based on low toxicity, environmental protection, high cost performance, and labor saving, it is innovative around crop demand. Increased value for users in a safer, more efficient way based on improved product performance and user experience。

     Pilar has R&D teams in Shanghai, Beijing and Jiangsu Huai'an. It has signed the “Industry-University-Research Cooperation Agreement” with the College of Science of China Agricultural University and Huaiyin Institute of Technology. It is a cooperative education base of Shanghai University of Engineering Science. School-enterprise cooperation gives full play to the advantages of both sides. Promote each other in cultivating talents and research and innovation. Relying on the high-precision technical equipment of Pilarcise, as well as the internal experts, external expert consultant team, and R&D technical team, the profound theoretical foundation and rich practical experience can provide formulation type innovation and optimization services and engineering technology for formulation research and development. Guidance, production process upgrade services, and application of scientific guidance for preparations, to achieve the quality level and application effect of pesticide preparations in essence, to a new level, in order to lead the industry to a higher level of development.



【Production Base】

     Pilarquim production base is located in Huai'an, Jiangsu and Shanghai Fengxian, namely Pilarquim (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. and Pilarquim (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

     Jiangsu Production Base – Pilarquim (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is located at No. 9 Konglian Road, Huai'an Salt Chemical New Material Industrial Park (chemical concentration zone), covering an area of 168 mu with a registered capital of 62.44 million RMB. The design of the plant area is scientific and reasonable: in the planning and layout of the workshop and warehouse, the herbicide is completely separated from other products, and passes through the sewage collection tank, sewage treatment facilities, firefighting pool, air compressor station, nitrogen production, refrigeration system, and power distribution. Separation of public and auxiliary facilities such as stations; sensitive compounds for certain crops (such as azoxystrobin is sensitive to some apple varieties, prochloraz is sensitive to some mango varieties, nicosulfuron is sensitive to certain varieties of corn).  It is also used separately from the production lines of other similar products to prevent cross-contamination from the beginning.

     Jiangsu production base has 9 production workshops, 7 finished products (package materials) three-dimensional warehouse, 2 Class A warehouses, as well as bottle factory, R&D building, supporting public and auxiliary projects, with a total construction area of nearly 60,000 square meters, each workshop can be construction of 4-8 shared or special production lines, 8-12 automatic horizontal packaging machines, 4-6 bottling lines.  The main equipment is Germany Netzsch, FLUKO, Hongqi, Peite, Tom , Jinwang and other famous brands in China and abroad, with a maximum capacity of more than 80,000 tons. At present, 4 workshops have been built (8 districts, 2 herbicides, 2 other products, and the remaining workshops are under construction); public auxiliary projects such as warehouses, tank farms, sewage treatment, air compressor stations, nitrogen production, refrigeration systems, etc. All completed construction; necessary procedures and administrative licenses for pesticide production, production license, safety supervision, environmental protection, fire protection, etc. are available. It can produce (package) CS, SC, ZC, OD, EC, EW, ME, SE, AS, SL, micro-fertilizer and other liquid agents, as well as wettable powder and water-dispersible granules (dry boiling granulation, wet method) Spray granulation is a dry suspension) solid product.

     The quality control facilities and levels of the production base are in leading position in the industry, equipped with Agilent gas spectrum, liquid spectrum, Malvern laser particle size analyzer, and moisture analyzer, surface tension tester, 100,000-per-throne, high-magnification microscope, carton resistant pressure tester, vacuum leak detector and other equipment, laid a solid hardware foundation for raw materials, raw material storage analysis, product process and final inspection (if necessary, can also rely on the detection of higher precision, more complete equipment, stronger strength with full support). All employees participate in quality management, passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, and provided software support to ensure product quality. The QA/QC team consisting of technical background with many years of experience in chemical product quality management provides reliable human resource protection for stable and continuous product quality.

     After the consistent years of hard working of Pilarquim staff , Jiangsu production base has been identified as a high-tech enterprise. The Huai'an Pesticide Preparation Engineering Technology Research Center and the Jiangsu Provincial Postgraduate Workstation have settled in the Jiangsu production base, and the China Agricultural University, Huaiyin Institute of Technology signed the "Industry-University-Research Cooperation Agreement"; undertook two sub-projects of the 2016 national key R&D plan: "Key technologies for chemical pesticide synergy and product research and development sub-projects - microcapsule suspension and product conversion”, , "seed, seedling and soil treatment technology and supporting equipment research and development sub-projects - long-acting slow-release chemical pesticide seed seedling treatment new dosage forms and new products"The research and development and production of new formulation types such as agricultural microcapsules, dry suspension and water suspension have made great achievements. PILARTEP, PILARZOX, PILARAVIA, PILARCLOTRIN, PILARGOLD,  PILARMD,  PILARXANIL …have become the new favorites of the market. Through quality management and R&D innovation, we will strengthen cooperation with outstanding domestic and foreign enterprises and absorb the successful experience of foreign advanced enterprises. In addition to passing ISO9001 quality management system, we also passed ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety and management system certification.  The production level, production scale, production capacity and quality management level of the base have reached a certain height.  Providing many domestic and foreign users with new formulas, advanced technical indicators, stable and reliable quality, and differentiated new products. Multinational companies such as Adama and UPL, as well as domestic excellent companies such as Jiangsu Huifeng, Zhejiang Yingxin, Shanghai Taihe, and Suzhou Jiahui, all can provide quality OEM/ODM services. 

     Shanghai Production Base – Pilarquim (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded in Taoyuan, Taiwan in 1961; in July 1997, Pilarquim (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai. Located at No. 1500, Hangtang Road, Jinhui Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai.  It covers an area of 97 mu and has a registered capital of 10 million US dollars. It is mainly engaged in agricultural chemicals (insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulation and new biological fertilizers), research and development, production and sales of pesticide surfactants.

     Shanghai production base has 11 production workshops, 5 finished (package) warehouses, 2 Class C warehouses, with a total construction area of nearly 20,000 square meters; as well as public auxiliary projects such as boiler room, soft water treatment station and sewage treatment station, safety, environmental protection and fire protection all meet the latest national standards. There are more than 20 bottled lines, fully automatic horizontal packaging lines and powder packaging lines. The main equipment are domestic famous brands, which can produce (packing) AS, SL, SC, CS, ME, EC and other liquids, soluble powder, Solid products such as wettable powders and soluble tablets can produce more than 50,000 tons of pesticides per year.

     Shanghai production base is a cooperative education base of Shanghai University of Engineering Science. As early in 2002, it passed the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 management system certification. And in March 2008 passed the China National Accreditation Council ISO 17025 National Laboratory certification. It is one of the first pesticide companies in China to pass this certification; in 2011, it obtained the international certification of OECD GLP Laboratory. In 2018, it was again evaluated as a high-tech enterprise.

     The products produced in the Shanghai production base are mainly for exportation. Currently, the company has operations in more than 100 countries and regions. In addition to providing high quality agrochemical products for domestic and foreign users, it is also an excellent domestic and foreign enterprise such as BASF, FMC, 3M and Unit Agro. Providing international quality OEM/ODM services.


【Marketing Network】

     Pilarquim sales network is divided into two parts: the Chinese market, Taiwan and overseas markets

     Mainland China market responsible by Pilarquim (Yunnan), Pilarquim (Sichuan), Pilarquim (Nanning), Pilarquim (Jiangxi), Pilarquim (Henan), Pilarquim (Hebei), Pilarquim (Harbin), Pilarquim (Liaoning), Pilarquim (Qingdao), Pilarquim (Zhejiang), Pilarquin (Xi'an), Pilarquim (Zhangjiakou) 12 companies. The business covers all major crop cultivation areas, and is widely used not only in high-yield economic crops such as fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, flowers, etc., but also in corn, wheat, rice, potato, peanut, soybean, cotton and other field crops. . The sales team adheres to the “158” service strategy and “customer-centric, focus on products and regions”, which not only provides quality products for agents and growers, but also provides a full range of promotion services; through extensive, in-depth and long-lasting promotion. With the promotion, Pilarquim brand has produced far-reaching influence in the vast number of partners. Under the new situation, further intensive work, full participation, and efforts to build large single products, PILARTEP and other products have become the first choice for growers in some regional markets; in 2018, two more big large products, Jianxiu and PILAROPTIM, were launched. It is also chased by partners and growers in the national market.

Overseas sales with offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Guadalajara, Mexico, Vancouver, Canada, Tokyo, Poland, Warsaw, Russia, Moscow, Uzbekistan and Thailand. the overseas sales team is professional and enthusiastic. With thoughtful service and sales of quality products to more than 100 countries and regions on five continents, Pilarquim has become a brand trusted and loved by overseas users.

     As a result of its rapid growth and rapid rise in just a few years, Pilarquim has been hailed as a “dark horse” in the agricultural industry. In the future, we will continue to provide customers with differentiated products with internationally excellent quality, and continue to provide professional, comprehensive and in-depth services to our customers.  We are striving to realize the corporate vision of Pilarquim – “to be one of the best agrochemical companies in the world”.