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R&D Center 


     Pilarquim has R&D teams in Shanghai, Beijing and Huai'an in Jiangsu Province. It has signed the “Industry-University-Research Cooperation Agreement” with the College of Science of China Agricultural University and Huaiyin Institute of Technology. It is a cooperative education base of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology. Advantages of both sides, mutual promotion in cultivating talents, scientific research and innovation. Relying on Pilarcise high-precision technical equipment, as well as the internal experts, external expert consultant team, and R&D technical team, the profoundtheoretical foundation and rich practical experience can provide formulation type innovation and optimization services and engineering technology for formulation research and development. Engineering technical guidance, production process upgrade services, and scientific guidance for preparation of pesticides, to achieve the quality level and application effect of pesticide preparations are improved in essence, reaching a new level, leading the industry to a higher level.

     PILAR R&D Center has rich experience, unique technology and continuous innovation in pesticide formulation, formulation research, surfactants and application research, agrochemical product analysis, testing, and agricultural technology services. 

     Agricultural microcapsules (microcapsule suspension, dry powder), suspensions, oil suspensions, dry suspensions and other new formulations have strong research and development strength, such as the industrial level of agricultural microcapsules leading the industry like 23% Lambda-cyhalothrin (PILARMD), 30% Prochloraz , 45% S- metolachlor (PILARGOLD), 25% Lambda-Cyhalothrin + Clothianidin (PILARCLOTRIN)…  microcapsule products have been mass-produced; Suspension quality indicators and application effects are favored by the market. 30% Pyraclostrobin + Tebuconazole (PILARTEP), 24% Cyazofamid + Cymoxanil (PILARZOX), 15% Abamectin + Spirotetramat (PILARAVIA) etc. have become the first choice for distributors and growers. 70% Dimethomorth + Cymoxanil (PILARXANIL), 70% Pyraclostrobin + Metiram and other dry suspensions will improve the quality index of domestic WDG to a new level... In the past few years, Pilarquim has applied for more than 60 patents and registered more than 30 new products. Based on low toxicity, environmental protection, high cost performance, and labor saving, it has innovated around crop demand based on product performance and user experience. The enhancements will add value to users in a safer and more efficient way.