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PILARCISE detection introduces super mass spectrometry TOF to gradually build a one-stop experimental service platform

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In order to help customers determine the molecular structure more efficiently and accurately, PILARCISE Shanghai has recently introduced a new mass spectrometry (MS) device TOF, which has been installed and commissioned and can begin to provide daily services to customers.
PILARQUIM's new mass spectrometer-TOF
  "The Analects of Confucius" reads: "If a worker wants to be good at his work, he must first sharpen his tools." The common people also often said that the skill is not as good as home, and the same is true.
  In order to help customers determine the molecular structure more efficiently and accurately, PILARCISE  Shanghai has recently introduced a new mass spectrometry (MS) device TOF. Now it has been installed and commissioned and can begin to provide customers with daily services. If traditional mass spectrometry (MS) belongs to the blood color equipment, then the new TOF can be said to be a super MS. Know the professional technical characteristics. Welcome to contact PILARCISE Shanghai through the contact information at the end of the article. The two significant advantages of TOF are briefly summarized as follows:
  First: Products exported now often encounter complaints of drug harm, especially those who sell small packaging products. Once someone says that your product has been harmed by drugs, take a picture to show you. What should I do if the herbicide is really mixed into the pesticide, or when the packaging equipment is not cleaned when I find someone to do the work? Now with TOF, things are simple. The TOF can be used to accurately determine the composition of the returned samples, saving labor and time. If you are afraid of cross-contamination or any related impurities in the original drug, TOF can help you.
  Second: TOF brings you a pair of smart eyes. The previous MS's judgment of the impurity structure is always ambiguous. There are many possibilities. How can impurities be synthesized without an exact structure? Is it necessary to synthesize all possible impurities? Scanning impurities with TOF can directly determine the structure of most impurities. It greatly saves analysts the time of determining impurities and speeds up the completion of 5 batch reports.
  In addition to TOF, PILARCISE has the same detection weapon. In the current 5 batch reports, the solvent is often measured, and it is measured whether or not there is a solvent residue. The regulations in some countries are unbelievable. If you test this, you also test that. How can I find TOF? There is really no need to find TOF for this matter. PILARCISE has its own weapon called Headspace Sampler. All solvents in the original drug sample can be measured with this headspace. Whether or not in the process, it can give you a clear conclusion. Sometimes don't look at the process, it doesn't mean that the raw materials are not mixed, but use headspace to confirm it for you.      
GLP Laboratory
   The “weapon” introduced by PILARCISE will play an important role in the core pre-research phase of GLP 5 batch analysis experiments. Five batches were mentioned. At the pesticide market strategy seminar sponsored by "PILARCISE (Shanghai) Testing Technology Co., Ltd." in Shanghai earlier last month, in the report of General Manager Lin Jibo of Yingtai Lab, "Five batches of full component analysis, physicochemical In the "GLP research and test process analysis", it is clearly pointed out that the GLP 5 batch full analysis involves two stages, namely the Non-GLP stage (sample preparation-impurity scanning-qualitative analysis of impurities-standard acquisition-confirmation analysis method) And GLP stage (analytical method verification—quantitative analysis of principal components—quantitative analysis of related impurities—quantitative analysis of non-related impurities—draft review—completion report), the key point of the entire process is pre-experimental research and the use of MS for effective components and impurities Analysis, preliminary determination of the possible structure of impurities. The TOF of PILARCISE will undoubtedly greatly improve their pre-experimental capabilities.
In addition, the view that "pre-experimentation is the core of full analysis" at this meeting was also clearly endorsed by PILARCISE Chairman of Beijing Ming, former Beijing Yingtai Vice President Mu Canxian and former general manager of Beijing Yingtai International Business Division Among them, the mother always stands at the height of establishing 5 batch specifications and discusses practical operations. The parent always believes that the specification is a system that involves a set of methods for product technology, engineering and production chemistry, toxicological evaluation, ecological evaluation (including metabolism), environmental impact evaluation, crop effectiveness and safety evaluation, and detection and inspection. President Yang who spoke later also echoed the mother's point of view. The specifications are sometimes the threshold for competition and commercial activities. The 5 batches serve the registration, and the registration needs to serve the market. Do not follow the FAO standards blindly, but should collect them fully. Samples and analysis to determine process routes, preparation / synthesis and further verification of specific impurities, and sometimes combined with engineering feasibility should be comprehensively analyzed to arrive at specifications.

Meeting venue
  In addition to the "troika" above, this conference also invited the following big coffees to discuss the market development trends and problems encountered in actual combat, and to provide directional guidance on the current registration of pesticides in China:
  Li Junqing (Shanghai Fengshan Research Institute)-Product Impurity Research and Impurity Synthesis Experience Sharing
  Yao Baoyu (Shenyang Institute Safety Evaluation Center)-Pesticide Product Registration Experiment Data Solution and Experience Sharing
  Song Hongyu (Suzhou Xishan Traditional Chinese Medicine)-Toxicology Research and Global Registration of Pesticides
  Gao Lianhua (Shanghai Heqi Trading)-South American brand business development experience exchange
  Qin Enhao (Senior Registration Expert in the Industry)-Popular Pesticide Product Specifications and Registration Practices.
  Registration is a forward-looking exploration and preparation of marketing. Controlling customers and channels is the most essential job of marketing, and the core of marketing is to build a brand and precipitate sales. Facing today's rapidly changing market and huge competitive pressures, can Chinese pesticide companies consider building platforms, sharing resources, building ships and going to sea, and work together for a win-win situation?
  Mr. Hong Feng, the person in charge of PILARCISE testing, introduced the author after the meeting. "In addition to providing professional experimental services, another goal of PILARCISE testing is to build a global registration and market platform by combining resources from all parties. Experts came to the PILARCISE laboratory. In addition to discussing practical issues such as product standards, impurity generation, quality supervision, and market & registration strategies from different angles with the people present, I also hope to take this opportunity to tell everyone that PILARCISE plans to integrate existing advantages. Combining the domestic GLP laboratory and registration consulting team and more than 30 consultant teams in Latin America to create a new service platform, substantiate and corporate the platform, and integrate with international standards to create a new product registration package and solution Service model. Cooperation with PILARCISE will not only enjoy the convenience of experimental analysis, but also increase the in-depth understanding of pesticide products and markets. Welcome colleagues who have the same concept to join the platform to create a win-win situation. "

Participants photo
  PILARCISE detection-to provide you with one-stop experimental services
  PILARCISE detection, full name is PILARCISE (Shanghai) Detection Technology Co., Ltd., is a third-party laboratory established in March this year, mainly engaged in pesticide detection business. The company consists of three business units: GLP Lab, 17025 Lab and QC Lab.
  The GLP laboratory was approved by Belgium and obtained the GLP certification of the Ministry of Agriculture. The GLP report completed by the GLP laboratory can be used at home and abroad. The laboratory obtained GLP qualification in 2009 and has rich analysis experience. Recently, a lot of investment has been made in laboratory hardware. Not only are new conventional equipment such as GC-MS, LC-MS and ion chromatography added, but also TOF and headspace samplers have been added. Test equipment has also been purchased, such as explosive devices, photolysis devices, and so on. The physical and chemical testing items you need, including solvent testing, can be completed in one stop at PILARCISE. Currently, PILARCISE testing is planning 6 toxicology projects such as acute poisoning. I believe that in the near future, customers will experience not only professional services and higher efficiency, but also the convenience of one-stop service when they experiment at PILARCISE.
  * PILARCISE Contact: River RUAN (阮伟冲) (86-21) 5758-9888-336 customer-service@pilarcise.com


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