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Differentiated strategy- Approach that Pilarquim must get through towards a new era −− 2018-2020 Strategic Planning Conference of Pilarquim Group held in Shanghai

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InDecember2017, PilarquimGroup heldits2018-2020StrategicPlanningConferenceinShanghai.Attheconference,businessperformanceaftermergerandacquisitionwasreviewedandfuturebusinessoperationplanningwasdiscuss

In December 2017, Pilarquim Group held its 2018-2020 Strategic Planning Conference in Shanghai. At the conference, business performance after merger and acquisition was reviewed and future business operation planning was discussed, resulting in formulation of the development strategy of Pilarquim Group in the following three years. 

All employees of Pilarquim Group in Shanghai and some of the overseas staffs attended the conference.

All employees of Pilarquim Group in Shanghai and some of the overseas staffs attended the conference
Four keywords were underscored at this conference, which is Differentiation, Product Innovation, Brand Establishment and Channel Service. Pilarquim believes Differentiation will be the core which could be carried out through the combined efforts with Product Innovation, Brand Establishment and Channeled Service.
Attendees at the conference all agreed to the opinion that differentiated strategy is the approach that Pilarquim must get through towards a new era.
At the conference, Mr. Mu Canxian, the board chairman of Pilarquim Group, in view of the current business performance of the company, after an analysis of industry policy, market situation, competitors’ performance, gave a prediction of the business operation of the company in the following three years. He pointed out that the company’s differentiated development, effort on production innovation, emphasis on diversified product portfolio and formulation product development are all correct measures which have been taken to follow the international pesticide market tendency according to the specific characteristics of Pilarquim Group. To reach the strategic target, Mr. Mu says that Pilarquim Group, in the three years ahead, is prepared to submit more than 24 product registration applications in each of 30 countries and will meanwhile develop 3 internationally influential master-piece products.

Mr. Mu Canxian, the board chairman of Pilarquim Group gave speech at the conference
As to future market development, Mr. Mu suggested that focus would be made on South America and South Asia, while establishing seven sample markets. Effort is requested to be made on brand establishment and channeled service to build company’s own product distribution channel via crop care service. The number of sample market needs to grow rapidly, which will drive product promotions to international market. 
According to the forecast, Pilarquim Group’s sales in year 2018 will increase 40%, and followed by 30% and 25% respectively in the consecutive years, reaching $100 million in 2020.

Source: AgroNews


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