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A roadmap to a new era: Pilarquim’s development in Central America supported by its innovative products

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After Pilarquim(Shanghai) mergedwithPilarquim(Jiangsu)in2017,thecompanyenteredanewera.Itsglobalregistrationanddevelopmentprocessfornewspecializedandstrategicproductsbegan,changesstartedtobeseeninthema

After Pilarquim (Shanghai) merged with Pilarquim (Jiangsu) in 2017, the company entered a new era. Its global registration and development process for new specialized and strategic products began, changes started to be seen in the market around the world, and countries such as Moldova, Nicaragua, Panama, Dom. Rep., Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil were the first to implement Pilarquim’s new changes. 

Slowly leaving behind the selling of commodity products, Pilarquim is now getting into specialized products which consist of innovate mixtures and formulations with better performance in the fields; we predict that at the end of the day, it will provide farmers with more healthy and sustainable crops.
Nicaragua is the first country around the world to experience Pilarquim's new era, and by the end of 2018, strategic products have gradually received approval. Co-working with local partners and teams, Pilarquim's products now have a presence in the market, and with field trials to show the efficacy of products and performance to farmers, these products are gaining a better and better reputation and greater market share, and farmers are so happy to get a better harvest with these products.
Strategic products, which are based on unique mixtures or formulations such as seed treatment Triplefix, combines two fungicides with one insecticide, giving the best results in the field and reporting a more than 20% increase in germination. 
Another strategic product is Pilartep, combining two of the best fungicides, which includes not only performance, efficacy and cost, but also takes protectant and curative fungicides to the next level. This product is focused on rust for peanuts, reporting 97% of efficacy after 28 days of the first application, against 93% of the most-used product locally.
Pestrin ZC, a new star in the Nicaragua pesticide market, with a unique formulation based on Microcapsule (CS) combined with Suspension Concentrate (SC), gives longer persistence and broader spectrum, thus effectively saving labor and the cost of farmers.  

Before registering these new strategic products, the marketing team of Pilarquim conducted a lot of market research and visited many farmers to know their real needs and expectations. All these new strategic products from Pilarquim are designed to help local farmers get a better harvest.
Pilarquim is also doing the same work in other regions and countries, as the various regions continue to obtain new strategic product registration certificates in as many countries as possible. Pilarquim is going to have a better market performance in the global pesticide market and provide farmers around the world with the best pesticides.  
Pilarquim, for quality harvest!  

Source: AgroNews


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