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Pilarquim: Taking root in Central America, Caribbean Markets with differentiated business strategy−− Series report on international market development

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Time-honoredBrandofPilarquim Ithasbeenmorethan20yearssince Pilarquim madeitspresencefeltintheCentralAmericaandCaribbeancountries,whereithassetupsubsidiariesthatpossesspesticideregistrationsinlocalcoun
 Time-honored Brand of Pilarquim
It has been more than 20 years since Pilarquim made its presence felt in the Central America and Caribbean countries, where it has set up subsidiaries that possess pesticide registrations in local countries, forming Pilarquim’s worldwide distribution network. Pilarquim maintains independent registrations of Glyphosate, Chlorothalonil, Glufosinate and Lambda-cyhalothrin series in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Belize and Panama, which have ensured a good foundation to the brand development of Pilarquim. Adhering to its client-centric business philosophy of “for quality harvest,” Pilarquim has worked hard in the last 60 years, resulting in a well-established market system covering product registration, distribution channel and brand image. This paves the way for the promotion of Pilarquim’s differentiated products in the future.
Conception of New Pilarquim
Based on its accumulated establishments, the new Pilarquim is prepared to begin all over again and focus on the strengths of the company. Accordingly, the company has reconsidered its market positioning and re-deployed its main businesses, which target to build a diversified and multiple-level market distribution network via differentiated marketing strategy and continued innovation. The approach is expected to bring new and higher value to the clients of the company. On this basis, and as a beginning, Pilarquim initiated its Latin America and Caribbean tour. The promotion of the differentiated products with good quality will fulfil the needs of local farmers, which also ensures continued growth and sustainable development of the businesses of Pilarquim. In the years ahead, Pilarquim expects to grow through its successful differentiation of products and the innovation of total solutions.
Highly received in Dominican Republic
The first stop of Pilarquim’s Latin America tour was the Dominican Republic, where half the population of the country is engaged in the plantation of sugarcane, coffee, cocoa, rice and banana. Pilarquim's visit was highly received in Dominica Republic, where the minister of agriculture of Dominica Republic met the delegation. The minister spoke highly of the visit and asked for Pilarquim's advice and recommendation on the farming structure and pesticide application in the country. The interview with the minister was of great significance to Pilarquim's work team. Through the interview, Pilarquim's team not only got a better understanding of the agricultural situation and future orientation of development, but also became more confident with its products and services in the future .

“Star of Today" in Guatemala
"A good wine may not be sold well if it is not promoted," an old Chinese saying goes. It indicates that an effective promotion will bring unexpected results. For this reason, Pilarquim worked together with local clients on promotions, using popular means such as advertising vehicles and posters, which enabled local customers to get to know the products of Pilarquim. This effort has resulted in a best-seller product — PILARSATO, which is kindly called "green bottle" by local users. Pilarquim’s team is proud of this product, it is “Star of Today”. The promotions in the country have helped Pilarquim gain valuable experiences for future marketing promotions.
Field Visit to Promote Pilot Operations
Pilarquim always listens to the voices of users. By understating the needs of users, better services can be provided.
Therefore, Pilarquim's work team paid active visits to local users and experts to learn about the crop structure, major diseases and pesticide application methods etc. This allows the work team to study and work out Pilarquim’s product applications for promotion in the local market in the future. This is particularly important in Nicaragua, where field tests of some products have already been conducted. The effect of application has been well recognized by local users; the recognition of users will surely be a great help to the future promotion activities of Pilarquim.
Promising Central America and Caribbean Market
Latin America, known as the “granary of the world” in the 21st century, is a promising market, which needs to be developed urgently and extensively. Based on its year-long marketing experience in Latin America and after several field visits, Pilarquim is currently conducting pilot schemes, which are expected to convince clients about Pilarquim’s brand image, differentiated products and services. On a win-win basis, Pilarquim wishes to work closely with clients and grow together. It is expected that with this effort, Pilarquim’s brand image will be rooted deep down in the hearts of all users, and its presence in the Central America and Caribbean Market is hoped to become a commercial success. 

Source: AgroNews


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