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Pilarquim Brazil: Enhanced market development to serve farmers better

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Brazil is the biggest market of CP Market in the world. Brazil has a large area of arable land with good climate conditions and rich water resources. Brazil is the largest producer of coffee and sugarcane in the world, as well as a major soybean producer. The Brazilian agrochemical market is quite centralized, being distributed in the south of Brazil, including the states in the southern and central part of Brazil, covering Sao Paulo, Parana, Rio Grande do Sul, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Goias and Mato Grosso do Sul. 

Long history of presence with strict quality assurance in place
It has been more than 20 years since the presence of Pilarquim in the Brazilian market, where a subsidiary entity of the company has been established in Sao Paulo. Products already on sale include Chlorothalonil, Glyphosate, Thiophanate methyl and Nicosulfuron.. Pilarquim have around 30 registrations in process in Brazil. The registrations will strongly support the Brazilian product portfolio of Pilarquim, with focus on the farmers needs, with unique mixtures on the Market.
As regards to quality assurance, Pilarquim adheres to high standards of craftsmanship, which puts a strict control over the whole production process covering the incoming material, formula, stability and performance of products, thus ensuring it supplies farm products of international quality standards.
Pilarquim maintains strict quality control over the products exported to the Brazilian market, having established a first-class quality assurance system, which particularly stresses on cross-contamination. The hardware facility, process control, methodology and manning are all optimized to prevent cross-contamination.
Innovative and differentiated product development
Pilarquim really believe that the supply of differentiated products to local distributors and farmers will serve growers better, which will also benefit its own business growth.
Recently, Pilarquim’s Brazil work team made an expedition into the Brazilian agrochemical market to research the product structure, existing pest diseases and pesticide application methods in the local market, particularly for soybean-, citrus- and peanut-related diseases, for which a complete set of crop protection solutions have been worked out. Pilarquim’s work team has recently identified around 40 formulation products, which are scheduled for application for registration in Brazil from 2018-2020. 
Pilarquim has been actively conducting local efficacy trials to verify the performance of these products intended for application for registration, and the results have been satisfactory for local distributors and farmers, who highly regard these products.
Pilarquim is developing innovative products with focus on farmers needs. One of biggest problems on soybean crop is the soybean rusty, and Pilarquim already submitted a unique mixture that can help to protect the current fungicides on the market, and increase the productivity on the field.
Enhancement of sales network to get closer to the farmers
Recently, Pilarquim’s work team has been actively visiting local distributors and farmers to discuss the product applications and provide users with more specific suggestions on product applications. Regarding the sales network, Pilarquim Brazil is moving closer towards regional distributors to provide better services via a strengthened supply chain and quality management, as well as effective technical service.
The picture shows Pilarquim’s work team inspecting a field efficacy trial.
Differentiated products will be based on next-generation compounds, innovative mixtures and formulations. Through this approach, the brand image of the company are enhanced, and will also provide more value to users. Differentiated market service enables clients to experience and achieve new value. Currently, Pilarquim is making efforts to introduce its differentiated products of superior quality into the Brazilian market to better serve Brazilian distributors and farmers. With differentiated products and innovative crop protection solutions being introduced into the Brazilian market, Pilarquim expect provide solutions for the market, and continue growing year after year.

Source: AgroNews


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