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Pilarquim – Serving Bangladeshi market with quality−− Series report on international market development

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BangladeshislocatedtothenorthoftheBayofBengal,withasmallpartofitssoutheastmountainareaabuttingMyanmar,whileitsharesborderswithIndiatotheeast,westandnorth.  Bangladeshhasatotalareaof147,570km2,covering
Bangladesh is located to the north of the Bay of Bengal, with a small part of its southeast mountain area abutting Myanmar, while it shares borders with India to the east, west and north. 
Bangladesh has a total area of 147,570km2, covering 10 million hectares of rice planting area, 450,000 hectares of potato planting area, and 430,000 hectares of mango, vegetable and sugarcane planting area. More than 46% of the total population of the country are engaged in farming-related jobs, making the country predominantly an agricultural economy.
It has been 25 years since Pilarquim entered the Bangladesh market. Adhering to its business philosophy of “for quality harvest…”, Pilarquim successfully launch its flagship product series, such as PILARNIT,PILARTHENE,PILLAROUND,PILLARXONE, which have been well recognized by Bangladeshi farmers, followed with the establishment of a good corporate image and brand image among users. 
To help promote local agricultural development and improve local pesticide applications, Pilarquim has worked together with Beijing Mindleader Agroscience to conduct a series of agrotechnical workshops and technical service activities in Bangladesh to provide farmers with onsite solutions to pest and disease problems.
Communicating with government authorities to obtain support 
Technical teams of Pilarquim and Mindleader visited the regional Agricultural Administration Department of Bangladesh, where all the staff are experienced in the crop protection industry, and therefore, both sides had in-depth exchanges and discussions. The technical teams presented to the local government Pilarquim’s business history, corporate culture, high-quality products and service experience. These good references were highly appreciated by the government, which fully supported its product promotions. During the promotion activities, the Bengali Agricultural Department staff joined in supporting the promotions by making product recommendations to local farmers.
Agrotechnical workshops covering planting, pesticide application and all-round services held
The technical teams from both companies held a series of agrotechnical workshops in Sayedpur, Rongpur, Bogra and Natore of north Bangladesh. Cora Lee and Emily CHI, technical instructors of Pilarquim and Zhai Liuxiang, the technical supervisor of Mindleader’s technical department had intensive exchanges and discussions with Bengali  farmers in various regions, where farmers were advised to change the traditional way of cultivation and shift toward planting high-quality crops. Farmers also learnt in detail about pesticides and pesticide application, also were guided to apply pesticides in a professional manner to improve the quality and increase the yield of crops
Walking into farms to serve farmers 
The technical teams walked into farms to deliver lectures on pesticide and pesticide application to major crops of Bangladesh, such as paddy rice and vegetables; a number of efficacy tests were also carried out. For example, in a severely rice planthopper-affected paddy rice field, the use of PILARNIT was demonstrated to farmers. Commenting on its instant effect, farmers joked that “by the time you go home to eat a mango and come back to the rice field, you will see numerous dead rice planthoppers on the water surface.” 
Pilarquim’s high-quality products can help save labor, time and avoid loss, creating more benefits for farmers.

In the meanwhile, targeting the tough pest and disease damages, Pilarquim has prepared to continue the development of the new product portfolio. Currently, it’s innovative mixture product PILARTEP and PILARCLOTRIN are being demonstrated in Bangladesh, which are expected to solve the most difficult pest and disease problems existing in local farming. 
Training of local marketing staff to provide farmers with specialist and quality service
The teams conducted training for the local marketing staff in corporate culture and product knowledge, while the business philosophy of “for quality harvest…” has passed to each marketing staff. The marketing staff showed great enthusiasm for the products and services of Pilarquim, being dedicated to providing farmers with the best and most professional services.
Visiting retailers to supply market-driven quality products 
The technical teams from both companies visited a large number of retailers in Bangladesh to understand the local market demand and the use of pesticide products. Driven by the market, Pilarquim has formulated its product plan to provide local farmers with high-quality product, along with dedicated professional service.
Pilarquim has been presenting in the global agrochemical market for 60 years, with a world-wide complete and mature development system, which covers product registration, sales network and the brand image. Since the merger between Pilarquim and Mindleader, the parties have worked closely with complementary resources to explore international markets based on the “differentiated development strategy.” 
The Bengali market has great potential for future development. By virtue of its long-year experience in exploration and the research on its market, by adhering to its business philosophy, Pilarquim is actively implementing its “differentiated development strategy,” in collaboration with partners, henceforward the brand image of Pilarquim will take root deep in the heart of each user. 



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