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Pilarquim (Shanghai) to promote patented novel pyraclostrobin product in overseas market

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Based on former Taiwanese Yuen-Fa Chemical Ltd, which was in existence since 1961, a production facility was set up in mainland China in 1996, together with the establishment of Pilarquim (Shanghai) Ltd. In 2017, Pilarquim (Shanghai) was restructured and the development of the overseas pesticide market was initiated.

Pilarquim (Shanghai) reached an understanding with China’s formulation research and production industry leader Mindleader recently, where Pilarquim (Shanghai) would contribute US$2 million for the promotion of Mindleader’s star product PILARTEP® in the international market.
PILARTEP® is a patented product, which is processed by mixing a special crystal form pyraclostrobin with highly-efficient tebuconazole. After its release in the Chinese market, the product has become a massive hit, and is widely applied for prevention and control of various crop diseases, such as leaf spot, powdery mildew, downy mildew, anthracnose and sheath blight, having been proved to be remarkably effective. 
PILARTEP® has great advantages compared with similar products available in the market. With the mixing of two fungicide products having different action mechanism, the synergistic coefficient of PILARTEP® reaches above 289.8. The efficacy of PILARTEP® is on par with or even higher than the efficacy of similar mixture products of prime international manufacturers, while the price of PILARTEP® is 30% lower. PILARTEP® is not only able to control diseases, but is also able to “keep fit,” which makes the crop’s leaf greener, fruit nicer and root healthier, thus providing crops with an all-round safeguard.
At present, Pilarquim (Shanghai) has decided to contribute $2 million for spending on overseas registrations in Europe, US, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, as well as making preparations for the promotion of the product in the overseas market. So far, the toxicity, efficacy and residue-related tests have been conducted in several countries or regions. The product is expected to be launched across the overseas market in 2019.

Grapes treated 
with(right) and without(left)  PILARTEP® 

Grapes treated with(right) and without(left)  PILARTEP® 

Naval oranges
 treated with(right) and without(left)  PILARTEP® 

Naval oranges treated with(right) and without(left)  PILARTEP® 

Source: AgroNews


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