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Visit of farmers in Zhangjiakou potato base

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On December 13, more than 30 large growers from Guyuan County, Zhangjiakou visited Pilarquim headquarters in Shanghai free trade zone and were warmly received.
  On December 13, more than 30 large growers from Guyuan County, Zhangjiakou visited Pilarquim headquarters in Shanghai free trade zone and were warmly received.
  Zhangjiakou, located in the northwest of Hebei Province, is an important potato producing area in the north of China. It is reported that the potato planting area in Zhangjiakou has been kept over 1.5 million mu, accounting for about 60% of the planting area in Hebei Province. In recent years, potato industry has been identified as one of the four dominant industries in the city. Many large growers have achieved the world's advanced level of mechanized planting - arable land, land preparation, watering, sowing, fertilization, medicine, harvest and storage. They have introduced world-class modern agricultural machinery equipment from Germany, the United States, the Netherlands and other places.
  Since the implementation of the national strategy of main grain production of potatoes, the products registered by mindelida in potatoes have been increasing day by day. Mingzan, Miao Meiqi and lifeI are registered in potato late blight, seed potato treatment and weeding. Products such as mingrunfeng, mingwushuang, Mingan and Biyi also have a good application experience in potatoes and are welcomed by growers.
  Guyuan County, as the "hometown of potato in China", has a high altitude and latitude, and belongs to a cold and cool climate. It has fewer diseases and insect pests, less vector of virus transmission. Compared with other regions, Guyuan County has the advantages of slow degradation of seed potato, and is a natural good base for genetic improvement and seed potato breeding. The annual planting area of potato is stable at about 300000 mu. Many large growers with planting areas ranging from hundreds to thousands of Mu have become loyal users of Pilarquim. Mingzan, Mingan, mingrunfeng, PUFA CAI and other star products are trusted by local growers.
  Pilarquim's drum team welcomed the guests with wonderful performances, and then they visited the production line, GLP laboratory, R&D center and listened to the group's introduction. Zhang Qi, head of potato region, and Zhang Minghui, regional manager, accompanied the customer during the visit. They introduced the popular products in potato region to the guests. Mr. Gao, head office of Shanghai, introduced the popular products of potato growers PUFA CAI to the guests.
  It is understood that the potato planting area of the visitors is more than 30000 mu. Through the visit, the large growers have a further understanding of the values and concepts of Pilarquim, and have enhanced their willingness and confidence to use the products of Pilarquim.


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Visit of farmers in Zhangjiakou potato base