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Pilarquim strategy seminar held in Shanghai

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From November 11 to 15, 2019, the strategic seminar with the theme of "recovery, reform and excellence" was held at Pilarquim's overseas marketing headquarters in Shanghai free trade zone. More than 4
Group photo of colleagues attending the strategy seminar
From November 11 to 15, 2019, the strategic seminar with the theme of "recovery, reform and excellence" was held at Pilarquim's overseas marketing headquarters in Shanghai free trade zone. More than 40 people attended the meeting, including the chairman's mother canxian, COO Tsai Qizhi, General Manager Hong Feng, and the company's overseas marketing department, domestic marketing department, marketing department, supply chain, permit testing, Jieshi chemical, manufacturing department, finance department, administrative personnel department and other departments, as well as the directors of subsidiaries and overseas markets. Some employees attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates.
Mr. Cai, Mr. Hong and Mr. Ma Gong made a report at the strategy meeting
At the meeting, chairman mu can first made a report entitled Pilarquim 2018-2020 strategic plan, reviewed the background of making Pilarquim strategic plan in 2017, analyzed the macro and micro environment of the company's development, reiterated the company's positioning and development plan, reviewed and arranged the specific requirements for the implementation of the strategy, shared the essence of the corporate culture, and emphasized the core of customer-centered In the construction of competitiveness, the risks faced by production, finance, market, technology, human resources and policies are analyzed, and the requirements for risk prevention and control are emphasized. Pilarquim's medium and long-term growth strategy based on differentiation, including products, services, channels, personnel, teams and brands, is determined to take a difficult and differentiated path. Finally, according to the Market changes, the 2020 strategic objectives have been fine-tuning.
The directors of subsidiaries, departments, domestic market and overseas market reported on how to decompose and achieve the strategic objectives of the company, combined with the strategic objectives of their own department, reflected on the deficiencies in the work of the past two years, and planned the work of the Department to achieve the strategic objectives of 2020; the meeting conducted in-depth discussion on some strategic issues.
Reporting colleagues
Some translation colleagues
After the meeting, participants continued to have in-depth exchanges and organized outdoor group construction activities attended by more than 20 people.
Inspirational Pilarquim inspiration
This strategic meeting further enhanced the team cohesion, centripetal force and combat effectiveness, further defined the company's development strategic objectives and implementation routes; clarified the ideas, and encouraged the energy, pointed out the direction and injected vitality for the realization of short-term goals and long-term planning.
Pilarquim office building against blue sky and white clouds (photo taken on November 17, 2019)


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