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Product details
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Active component content
Zhongshengmycin+Amino oligosaccharide 10%
Dosage form
Registered crop
Please refer to product label for more details
Object of control
Please refer to product label for more details
Please refer to product label for more details
Product description
  • Broad Spectrum: Zhongshengmycin and Amino oligosaccharide have remarkable effect on bacterial disease such as bacterial wilt, canker and scab, they could also suppress diseases caused by virus; This product has excellent cost performance, is the best replacement of streptomycin and copper products;
  • Innovative patent product, quick effect: This product is the only product that combined with active ingredients for control both bacteria and virus; This product added high permeability surfactant, effectively promote fungicide absorption of crops, it could take effect only after application for 12 hours;
  • Highten resistance, improve crop quality and field yield: Zhongshengmycin fermentation contains lots of biostimulant, combines with multiple functions of Amino oligosaccharide, this product could stimulate crop growth, highten crop resistance to unfavorable growth environment such as drought, typhoon, heavy rain; If it is used on fruit, it could help to improve sugar content and make the fruit more beautiful, which means better price; If it is used on vegetables, it could improve crop quality and field yield; If it is used on food crop, it could help to improve plumpness which means better field yield.
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